Sunday, January 25, 2009

Starting on Feb 1st, 2009!

Hello there and welcome to a Year of Deer, the 365 blog where I post a deer image a day for 365 consecutive days!

It's a little different than my other 365 blog, suspect and fugitive, in that the pieces may not have been finished on the day that they are posted. All artwork will be completed within the dates of Feb 1, 2009 and Jan 31, 2010 but I'm not limiting myself to posting just items that have been finished in a 24 hour period. This is so I can, hopefully, make some more ambitious pieces.

Anyway, here's an early bonus deer. This is a valentine that I made for the Fred Flare Snail Mail Valentines for Charity.

It's called "I hart you" and is available at Fred Flare to the lucky person who happens to get it in a surprise pack. (Sorry, it's not available directly. They had too large of a response to list valentines individually.) All proceeds will benefit Elder Craftsmen.

Hope to see you on Feb 1st!